Monday, March 18, 2013

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill (Chapter 20)

Here is Chapter 20 of my fanfic, Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill. Today, Nancy confronts two of the suspects.


Nancy went to the gym to talk to Hulk Sanchez. For a busy football star, Hulk certainly seemed to have a lot of free time. He spent the entire day in the corner, playing with his football.

"Hulk, I found one of Jake's blackmail videos," Nancy said. "You stole steroids from Vandelay Pharmaceuticals, didn't you?"

Fortunately, Hulk decided that he should confess everything to the girl he had only known for an hour or so. "Yes, I did," Hulk said. "After my injury, I was in so much pain...but I had to keep playing football in order to impress the scouts! I had no choice!"

"You could have chosen to be honest and not break the law," Nancy said.

"I regret what I did," Hulk said. "The steroids didn't help me at all. I was still in a lot of pain, and that jerk Jake Rogers started blackmailing me!"

"What did he make you do?" Nancy asked.

"More like what didn't he make me do," Hulk said. "I had to drive him everywhere, do his errands, deliver his secret letters to Daryl Gray..."

"Secret letters?" Nancy asked.

"Yeah, he and Daryl Gray were sending each other letters," Hulk said. "But they had me deliver them, instead of giving them directly to each other. I guess they wanted to keep it a secret."

Nancy shook her head. "Don't you know that secrets can kill?" she asked.

Nancy took this information directly to Daryl Gray, at Maxine's Diner. As usual, the diner was empty except for Daryl and Detective Beech.

"Daryl!" Nancy said. "I've got a bone to pick with you!"

Daryl frowned. "Don't tell me you want a restraining order against me, too!" he said. "That's the fourth one this week!"

"That's not it," Nancy said. "I want to talk about you and Jake Rogers."

"The kid who was murdered?" Daryl asked. "I didn't know him at all. He worked here at Maxine's, but his shift was opposite of mine."

"If that's true, then why was Hulk delivering secret messages back and forth between you two?" Nancy asked.

Daryl's eyes grew wide, and his voice grew hissy. "That—that—you shouldn't know that!" he said. "Those could have been for school! Maybe we were working on a project together!"

"You just said you didn't know him at all," Nancy pointed out. "Stop lying, Daryl!"

"You have no right to butt into my personal life!" Daryl whined. "I'm not talking to you again! I'm leaving now!"

Daryl actually did get up and leave the building, with tears in his eyes. Nancy shook her head at his theatrics.

"Daryl, Daryl, Daryl," Nancy said. "Don't you know that secrets can kill?"

Detective Beech called to Nancy, from across the diner. "Did you just make that boy cry?" he asked.

"Yes, Uncle Steve," Nancy said.

"Good for you," Beech said. "I never liked that guy. He always served the coffee way too cold."

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