Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill (Chapter 18)

Here is Chapter 18 of my fanfic, Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill. Today, Nancy finds the secret videotape.


Nancy returned to the school and went to the boiler room. The door was locked with a Braille keypad, but that didn't stop our favorite detective! She knew the password was "note", thanks to the list of passwords on the school computer.

Nancy stepped inside the room, and took the elevator down a floor. The doors opened, and she stepped out to see the boiler, producing a dangerous amount of flames.

"It looks like it's going to explode!" Nancy said.

Nancy shook her head. This was the fifth time that year an anonymous note had led her into a death trap. She really needed to ignore letters from criminals from now on.

"Okay, how do I get out of here?" Nancy wondered. The elevator button on this floor had been destroyed, and she could see no other exits. In front of the boiler were three levers, which were locked together with a chain.

Nancy suddenly remembered a hidden clue from Maxine's Diner.

The bolt cutters you must take
Or you could be the next Jake

"The bolt cutters!" Nancy said. She took them out of her incredibly large pocket and threw them into the boiler. The metal melted and clogged the hole at the bottom of the boiler, cutting off the gas supply. The fire soon died down.

"Hmmm..." Nancy said. The fire was out, but she still didn't feel safe in this room. She looked around a bit more. In a corner was a Maxine's drinking cup, as well as a pack of Maxine's matches. Nancy had no idea why a diner would sell matches, nor did she understand the meaning of the strange symbol written on the inside of the pack.

Nancy checked the other corner of the room. Now that the boiler wasn't boiling hot, she could actually get close to this part of the room. There was a VHS tape leaning against a grate here. Nancy picked up the tape, then moved the grate aside. It looked like she would have to crawl through the ventilation system to escape.

Nancy climbed through the vents to the upper floor. Once she got out, the first thing she did was return to the maintenance room and cut off all gas flow to the lower levels. She also wrote a note, explaining the situation, and put it in the room so the next maintenance man to use the room (hopefully not Mitch Dillon) would see it.

After that, Nancy went back to Aunt Eloise's house, which was the only place that had a VCR (Very Convenient Recording). She played the tape, which was a video shot by Jake Rogers, containing his various blackmail plots.

First, there was a video of Hulk Sanchez putting drugs in his locker. Nancy wasn't sure how Jake managed to film this from inside Hulk's locker, without the football star noticing anything.

Second, there was a video of the masked mystery contestant from the all male judo competition. The masked man removed his mask to reveal that he was actually a woman. Connie Watson, to be specific. She put her judo trophy in her locker, then walked away.

Why would she remove her mask, in order to put something in her locker? Nancy wondered. You wouldn't expect someone to remove their disguise in a public place like a school hallway.

The tape ended with footage from the library, showing Hal Tanaka copying his English essay from one of the books.

"That was certainly a very well-hidden thirty second tape," Nancy said.


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you are so funny

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Very Convenient Recording?! *insert laughing face*

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I love you! :)

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I love it! My fav parts, 'Very Convenient Recording' and 'That was certainly a very well hid thirty-second tape.' LOL.

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Michael is not just funny. He's hilarious!!!

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Michael u r just so funny . I love,reading secrets can chill thanks for making them!!!!!(:

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