Sunday, March 24, 2013

Conscience (Part 2)

It seems I lost people with my blog entry on the conscience yesterday.  Dang.  Let me try explaining again, in more general terms.

When we're talking about conscience rights, there are two groups of people that are problematic:

1. People who take them too far.
2. People who don't take them far enough.

I don't want either group to write the laws about conscience rights.

No matter what the laws about conscience are, it is important that they are correct.  Whenever a country has mistakes in its laws about morality, it tends to result in immoral (i.e. evil) behavior.

[Challenge: Replace "conscience rights" with something else.  Those two groups of people can be problematic, for pretty much anything.]


Stephanie said...

You often speak in riddles when addressing social or religious topics. You rarely come right out and say what you think which makes it difficult to actually understand what point you're trying to get across, and/or respond.
This is your blog and you post as you see fit. I'm getting a little bored in reading your posts and not knowing what you're trying to say and feeling like you're not interested in your readers when you ask for feedback on a topic and then never respond (other posts).
Maybe it's time for me to move on.

I'mAPerson said...

But it's the people who are either extremely against or for a topic that you hear from. Nobody cares for the people in the middle, and this is true for any topic.

Take abortion. When this topic comes up, you only hear from extreme pro-lifers or extreme pro-choicers. You rarely, if ever, hear the opinion of the people who are in between, because realistically their opinion doesn't matter. Their voice and their vote will get drowned out by the extremists. And the extremists, more likely than not, are the ones who have the power to make the vote. A senator is not going to get elected if he says on the subject of abortion, "Well, it depends on the circumstances."

People want a straight yes or no answer. And this is true with any controversial subject: Abortion, gay rights, welfare, etc.

This is a trend that has gone out since the creation of the USA legislature. It's not going to go away anytime soon.

MichaelF said...

I got what you said and thought it was quite insightful, Mike. Don't listen to the drivel of the small-minded.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but you get alot of spam on your blog. And now ya got people ticked off because they don't like your topic. You are still #1 with the people who care about ya. We check out your blog because we like to hear what's on your mind. We enjoy new topics, and realize you can't answer every post because you Do have a life. You can't spend 24/7 on the computer. We love ya Micheal!

Justice said...

I don't mean to put anyone else on here down, but your posts made perfect sense to me Michael; I'm confused as to why others got confused by them. :) I actually hadn't heard of "conscience rights" before, but now that I have, your concerns over the issue seem well-founded. My biggest problem with the matter of conscience as it relates to larger groups of people, not just one person or family, is that too many people have "seared consciences" nowdays, so used to doing or seeing wrong that they don't even think of certain things as sinful like they ought. How can good laws be made when no one can agree on right or wrong (least of all, it seems, lawmakers)?

Breanna(; said...

I understand everything and I love michaels blog I get on it every day and i've never found anything that he has to be confusing. Michael you're awesome. Don't pay any attention to any negative comments.

Anonymous said...

In Nancy Drew's game Secret of Shadow Ranch Dave says to Shorty: "Next time just stick to burgers" (at the cookout on day one). My advice to you (in similar fashion) would be: "Next time just stick to Nancy Drew games".
Conscience can be such a sensitive topic and discussions too often end in one person trying to decide what is morally right for others.

Anonymous said...

Michael is training to be a priest. Telling him to stick to Nancy Drew games is being very negative to his ministry. Many priests blog and the faithful are very supportive. We should likewise be supportive to him.

Anonymous said...

I love you, Michael and I respect you only more, because you have the courage to talk about conscience and in these times, a lot of people (even some Catholics) are too hardened in life to protect what is right. They are too worldly and they rather go with the flow, instead of trying to do things to please God and make Him happy. But we must not be hardened and we gotta stand tall even if the world hates us, because we say that the people of the world are doing bad things. I will say this that some people were okay with slavery when it was legal, because there were and are people that think if the majority is in favor of something, then there must be nothing wrong with it. We cannot think like that. We have to see things and live the way God and Jesus thinks. Thank you, thank you , thank you, Michael again!!:) God Bless everyone!!:)
P.S. Yes, I was talking about wrong things like abortion and same-sex marriage. Oh, and keep in mind that most of media cannot be trusted. Media that I trust is World Over on the EWTN channel.:)