Monday, February 11, 2013


Yesterday, everyone agreed that Tangled is a pretty fantastic movie.  It earned more money than every other animated Disney film (except The Lion King). But even though I like it, I am not willing to concede the point that Flynn is more kick-butt than comedic relief.  Maximus (the horse) kicked way more butt than Flynn ever did.

But let's not argue. Instead, let's watch a version of the love song from Tangled, with ponies taking the parts of the two main characters.


Katie said...

This isn't the right place to ask this, but will you maybe discuss the Pope's resignation in your next blog? I only just heard about it and I'm completely in the dark as to why. I'd also love to hear your thoughts on Pope Benedict's time as Pope and how you think the Church will respond to this. As a fellow Catholic, I honestly enjoy your posts about faith and the church. :)

Anonymous said...

I totally love this movie! Its my favourite of all time!