Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill (Chapter 15)

Here is Chapter 15 of my fanfic, Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill. Today, Nancy explores the teacher's lounge and gets a phone call from Mitch Dillon.


Nancy looked around the now-empty study hall. With Connie out of the way, she could now enter the Teacher's Lounge. Using the key she had taken from Aunt Eloise's, she opened the door and went inside.

Grabbing some of the pastries off the table, Nancy looked around. There was a bookcase, a map, many file cabinets, and...wait.

Nancy's detective senses were tingling. They directed her towards one drawer, out of the sixteen drawers. They then led her to one file, out of the dozens of files in the drawer. The file, which belonged to Hal Tanaka, contained a copy of his Senior Essay for English class.

Nancy instantly recognized it as being taken, word for word, from the book in Jake's locker.

"Hal's a plagiarist, and Jake knew it!" Nancy said. "MOTIVE!"

Nancy wasn't too concerned about this, to be honest. In all of her mysteries, every character seemed to have a motive. It wouldn't be much of a mystery if only the culprit had a motive, right?

Nancy made her way to the computer, and logged on with Aunt Eloise's ID and password. There wasn't much to look at, besides a list of passwords and Aunt Eloise's email. The printer said it had something in the queue, so Nancy decided to print it out.

It was the security file, for the night of Jake's murder. According to the file, all of the suspects were probably at school that night. It didn't narrow things down at all.

Nancy sighed and left the teacher's lounge. Immediately, her cell phone rang. According to Caller ID, it was Mitch Dillon of Dillon HVAC calling.

My copy of Secrets Can Kill says that he's the culprit! Nancy thought excitedly. She answered the call.

"You'd better stop your nosey nosing, or it'll get bent way out of shape!" a nasally voice said.

"Hey, Mitch," Nancy said. "Sounds like you're having a rough day."

"Wha?" the man said. "How did you know my name?"

"Caller ID," Nancy said. "So you're the school's air conditioning guy, right? Why'd you kill Jake?"

"I...I don't know what you're talking about!" Mitch said. "I didn't kill anyone!"

"Did he insult the air conditioning?" Nancy asked. "Did he think it was too warm or something? Is that it?"

"I didn't kill anyone!" Mitch repeated.

"Yeah, but you threatened me," Nancy said. "How do you think the police are going to react when they find that out? I bet they'll be upset."

"And now you're threatening me," Mitch said. "Leave me alone, unless you want to end up like Jake."

"I'm not worried," Nancy said honestly. "I made friends with the judo master hall monitor. She'll protect me!"

"We'll see about that," Mitch said. Then he hung up.


2NancyDrew said...

reading chapter 14 somehow i don't think Connie will protect Nancy...

Anonymous said...

XD your hilarious micheal

Anonymous said...

i love you!!!!!!!!

Breanna(; said...

Thats funny michael. You definitely know how to make people laugh!!!

Anonymous said...

I know hes just awesome!!:)