Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill (Chapter 14)

Here is Chapter 14 of my fanfic, Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill. Today, Nancy talks with Connie.


"Okay, no big deal," Nancy said. "I'll get Connie to come fix this soda machine. I've done that before."

Nancy made her way to the study hall, where Connie carried out her important Hall Monitor duties. Nancy wasn't sure what those duties were. They clearly didn't have anything to do with halls, seeing as Connie wasn't in the halls. They also didn't seem to have much to do with monitoring.

"Hey, Connie!" Nancy said.

"What's up?" Connie asked.

"Your medallion has a symbol which means 'Crane'," Nancy said, suddenly sounding intellectual. "And Crane is the name of the judo school from the poster on the gym."

"Funny, I never noticed," Connie said.

There was a pause.

"...That's it?" Nancy asked. "That's a major plot point, and you're just going to brush it aside like that?"

"What do you want me to say?" Connie asked. "I don't know anything about martial arts!"

"Yeah, but maybe you know something about marital arts!"


"Yeah, maybe you're getting married!" Nancy said. "I heard you cancelled your Sadie Hawkins date with Daryl Gray, so you could take Jake instead! What's up with that? I thought you said you hated Jake!"

"Hey, a girl can make mistakes, can't she?" Connie asked.

"You broke up with a guy you like, so you can date a guy you hate," Nancy said. "That seems like more than just a mistake, if you ask me. It sounds like a motive!"

"I didn't kill Jake Rogers!" Connie said. "And I don't appreciate these wild accusations! If you keep up with this misbehavior, I'll use judo to keep you in line!"

"So you do know judo!" Nancy said.

"Rrrrrgh!" Connie said.

"Oh, and someone set off the soda machine alarm in the gym again," Nancy said.

Connie stood up and flipped over the table in front of her, in one smooth motion. She stomped out of the room and towards the gym.

"Gee," Nancy said to herself. "I wonder what got her so angry."


Breanna said...

Michael that is sooo funny I can't wait to read chapter 15!!!

Anonymous said...

Michael u do such a wonderful job. Your stories r fun to read. Im excited about 15(:!! Thanks for writing them(:

Anonymous said...

Love your stories micheal :D keep up the epicness

Anonymous said...

hahahahah last line was priceless

Stephan rose said...

Marital arts! Somebody's getting SASSY!!