Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill (Chapter 13)

Here is Chapter 13 of my fanfic, Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill. Today, Nancy does some investigation.


Nancy left Maxine's and yawned. She was finished talking with everyone for the time being, which meant it was time for some minor investigation. Her first destination? Aunt Eloise's house.

"Auntie El must have hid the key to the teacher's lounge somewhere in her house," Nancy said to herself. "Think, Nancy, think. If you were a book-obsessed librarian, where would you hide a key?"

Nancy thought for a moment.

"In the VCR!" she said. "Nobody would think to look there, because people stopped using VHS tapes in 2001! It's the perfect place to hide something!"

Nancy went to Aunt Eloise's side room, which contained an elaborate TV case surrounded by rows of books. Nancy turned on the TV, but all she got was static. She looked around for a remote, but she didn't see one.

Nancy slammed her hand against the TV. A book fell off of a shelf, and opened up. Inside the book was a hidden key to the library.

"All right!" Nancy said. She left Aunt Eloise's house, then went back to Paseo Del Mar High School. She had been to most of the school by now, but the one place she hadn't visited was the victim's locker. As you might expect, it was locked.

"What's the combination?" Nancy wondered. She consulted her copy of Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill to learn that it was 5253. When you're sending a text message and you spell the word "Jake", those are the numbers you press. Nancy tried entering that combination, and it worked.

At the top of the locker was an empty cassette box, a book entitled English Essays Through the Ages, and a magazine about judo. Apparently, a mysterious masked contestant entered the local men's judo competition and beat everyone without much effort.

"Interesting," Nancy said. "I didn't know Batman lived in Florida."

At the bottom on the locker was a newspaper about a break-in at the local pharmacy. The culprit had stolen some drugs that were also steroids.

"Wait a second!" Nancy said. "If Batman lives here, why didn't he stop the robbery? And come to think of it, why didn't he prevent Jake from being killed?"

Perhaps Batman was only in Florida for vacation. In any case, Nancy knew she was a cooler superhero than Batman, so she resolved to be the first one to solve the case. Besides, thanks to the fact that she had the book the game was based on, she pretty much knew all the answers ahead of time.

"Since I know Hulk Sanchez is abusing steroids to make up for his injuries, I'm guessing that he stole the drugs from the pharmacy," Nancy concluded. She went to Hulk Sanchez to confirm her suspicions. The Hulk was still standing in a corner, playing with a football.

"Can you tell me about the drug store robbery?" Nancy asked.

"Why would I know about that?" Hulk responded. "All I know about is football."

"Oh," Nancy said. "Then, do you know why Jake had an empty cassette tape in his locker?"

"Why would I know about that?" Hulk responded. "All I know about is football."

"Are you a boy or a girl?" Nancy asked.

"Why would I know about that?" Hulk responded. "All I know about is football."

"Oh, dear," Nancy said to herself. "I think he's broken. Don't worry, Hulk. I'll go get help."

Nancy turned around to go get someone, when she tripped over her shoelaces again and slammed into the soda machine.

*BWWAAAAP! BWWAAAAP!* went the soda machine.

"D'oh!" Nancy said.


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Your so funny (:

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I dont anything i only know how to play football

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are you a b or g ? why would i know about that all i know about is football. omg that was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!