Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill (Chapter 12)

Here is Chapter 12 of my fanfic, Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill. Today, Nancy checks in with the people at Maxine's Diner.


Nancy ran away from Paseo Del Mar and took refuge inside Maxine's Diner. Daryl Gray was still working by himself there. "Hey, gorgeous," he said. "How's it going?"

Ugh... Nancy thought.

"Daryl, stop flirting with me," she ordered. "I'm here to ask you about the other students at school, not to be your love interest."

"Why not?" Daryl whined.

"Because, frankly, you're not that interesting," Nancy said. "Let's start with Connie Watson. You know her?"

"Not very well," he said. "She keeps to herself. I always thought there's something mysterious about her. Kind of the same way I feel about you."

"Keep that up, and I'll mysteriously slap you in the face," Nancy said. "Connie asked you to the Sadie Hawkins Dance, then cancelled?"

"Yeah..." Daryl said. "It was weird. I mean, a girl cancelling a date with me? But what was ever weirder, she took Jake instead of me."

"She probably just didn't want to date a slimeball," Nancy said. "Now what about Hal Tanaka?"

"He's a Japanese exchange student," Daryl said. "He's always focused on grades and studying. He says he wants to become a doctor. Personally? I'm a Doctor of Love."

"Ah," Nancy said. She always wondered where the title for the movie Dr. Strange Love came from. Now she knew. "Finally, what can you tell me about Hulk Sanchez?"

"He's a big shot at the school," Daryl said. "And with all the football scouts at our games, he's been under a lot of pressure to perform. Sort of like how I—"

"Later," Nancy said. She walked away, considering whether or not to put Daryl on the top of her suspect list, just for being annoying. Nancy made a beeline for the booth with Detective Beech, then flopped in a chair.

"Uncle Steve, what's up?" she asked.

"Not much," Detective Beech said. "So far, I've been sitting here for the past hour, drinking coffee. Any progress on your end?"

"Well, I've talked to all the students at Paseo Del Mar," she said. "All four of them. And they all have motives for killing Jake. It seems that Daryl, Connie and Jake were in a weird love triangle, surrounding the Sadie Hawkins Dance."

"Interesting," Detective Beech said. "What about the other students?"

"Hulk hated Jake," Nancy said. "That's because Jake stole Hal Tanaka, the Hulk's biggest football fan. So it's safe to say that Jake, Hal and the Hulk were also in a weird love triangle."

Detective Beech put down his coffee cup. "Let's get to the important point," he said. "Did any one of them mention Jake's notebook?"

"The notebook?" Nancy asked. "Oh, right, I forgot about that. I'm more focused on finding the killer than finding the victim's diary, to be honest."

"Nancy, I need—I mean, the police need that notebook!" Detective Beech said, slamming his coffee on the table.

"Calm down, Detective B!" Nancy said.

"That's Uncle Steve!" he said. "And I need that notebook before the day is over!"

"Okay, okay, I'll get the notebook!" Nancy said. "Just relax! And stop drinking so much coffee. I think it's hurting your nerves."


Anonymous said...

i hope you put in more other nancy drew characters in this story :)

Anonymous said...

Nancy is such a sass-master! I really love the way you write her dialogue.

Anonymous said...

I,love it!!(:

Anonymous said...

Michael u r amazing

Shannon Sizemore said...

Ur, funny(:

Shay said...

Im excited to read the next one (: