Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill (Chapter 11)

Here is Chapter 11 of my fanfic, Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill. Today, Nancy meets Hulk Sanchez. All right, it only took eleven chapters for her to meet all the characters!


Nancy left the library and turned right. The halls in Paseo Del Mar were slightly difficult to navigate, but she eventually found herself in the gym area. Someone wearing a sports jersey was standing in the corner, playing with a football.

"Woah, a new girl in school!" he said. "Do you realize what destiny has brought you today? Yours truly, Hector Sanchez! But you can just call me 'The Hulk'."

"Hulk Sanchez?" Nancy said. "I've heard of you."

"Everyone has!" Hulk said proudly. "I'm the quarterback for the #1 team in the state! Soon, it's college ball, and then the pros! Show time!"

"No, I heard that you were injured, and you're using steroids to cover for it," Nancy said.

Hulk looked enraged. "That's a lie!" he said. "Who'd you hear that from, Jake Rogers?!"

"Uh..." Nancy said. She couldn't exactly say she read it in a book, but Hulk didn't seem to care. He already decided Jake was behind the nasty steroid rumor.

"Jake Rogers was a loser," Hulk confirmed. "No one liked the dude. Even if he'd lived, he was headed for trouble."

Hulk waved a hand at Nancy. "Sorry, can't talk now. I gotta get to practice. Later."

He then resumed his important business of standing in a corner. Nancy stared at him for a few seconds, then sighed. Just like Connie and Hal, Hulk could only talk for a little while before he ended the conversation. It was almost like he was a robot, who could only talk for two minutes at a time.

"What can you tell me about Connie Watson?" she asked.

"Oh, she hangs out at the gym a lot," Hulk said, acting as if their previous conversation hadn't been broken off. "She's one of our best athletes! Cute girl, too. Heard she's been having some money problems, though."

"Really," Nancy said. "And what about Hal Tanaka?"

"That dude is always studying!" Hulk said. "He's a huge fan of mine! At least, he was until he started hanging out with Jake. After that, he stopped coming to my games, saying that he was 'busy'."

"You sound upset about losing your biggest fan," Nancy noted.

"I am!" Hulk said. "It's all Jake Rogers' fault! That little worm had a locker right next to Tanaka's, and he somehow turned him against me! And on top of that, Jake spread rumors about me doing steroids! Those are rumors, as in, not true at all!"

Hulk dug his fingers into the football he was holding. Nancy could have sworn she saw the stitching on the football pop.

"Oh, wow, look at the time!" she said. "I gotta get going, before you hurt somebody! Ha ha, bye!"


2NancyDrew said...

o_O Hulk has got so tinny ager ishues what game are you going to make a fan fiction about next?! heres a hnt (do Curse of Blackmoor Mannor) im doing one about The Deadly Device

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael, I just came across this video that I thought was AWESOME.

The Ohio State Band did a video-game based HalfTime performance. They did Zelda with Link and his horse Epona, Mario, Pacman, Halo, and a lot of otehrs! You have to watch this!