Wednesday, February 13, 2013

General Hospital

It's official: I'm hooked on General Hospital.  My favorite part of the show is the vampire plotline, which I thought was stupid, until I learned the story behind it.

Apparently, in the 90's, there was a show called Port Charles.  One of the plotlines in that show was a takeoff of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.

By complete coincidence, the main actors from that show are now on General Hospital.  The producers have decided it would be fun for them to reprise their old roles, from the decade-old vampire series that no one really remembers or cares about anymore.

Brilliant.  90's-era vampires, instead of Twilight-era vampires?  I approve.

I feel kind of bad for the actor, who plays John McBain.  He's had that role since 2003.  But now, all of a sudden, he's Caleb the Vampire King again.  He's actually doing a surprisingly good job, playing both characters at once.  They have different voices and everything. Lucy Coe is also doing a good job, as a crazy woman.


Anonymous said...

I'll take any kind of vampires other than twilight vampires!

Anonymous said...

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