Saturday, February 23, 2013

DragonBall Z Kai

I have finally watched some of DragonBall Z Kai, the 2009-11 remake of the DragonBall Z series.

It's a nice remake, in that they cut most (in some cases, all) of the pointless filler material that was added to the original show.  The majority of the original show was filler, to the point where every episode of Kai is made up of two to three DBZ episodes, put together.

Why wasn't the original DragonBall Z like this?  The show is so much more interesting, with good pacing.

They also retranslated the dialogue in Kai.  Now the characters swear a lot more frequently.  There are more frequent musical interludes.  But at least there aren't five-minute flashbacks in every episode!  That's a major plus.


Anonymous said...

I disagree; I find DBZK to be pretentious. For starters, they're not even finishing the series. They're stopping it at the Cell Arc. There's a whole other arc where very important character development happened. Second, the Funimation dub wasn't that bad to began with. I've seen the show with the original Japanese dialogue and, sure, Funi changed some minor things, but they never radically changed the show like Dic did to Sailor Moon. Contrary to popular belief, Funi stuck with the original script 98% of the time, so a re-dub was really unnecessary. Third, if don't count the filler, DBZ is a shot for shot adaptation of the manga. I can appreciate people don't like the filler (although I believe there's a point to filler, but that's a different discussion), but Toei stuck to the manga faithfully the first time. Fourth, it's obvious Toei only did Kai to make money. They are selling the exact same show to a new generation and all they did really was update the colors. The story was the same, the dialogue was the same, but Toei could sell it as "more accurate to the manga" (even though the first series was already accurate) and make money again on a flipped and proven product.

Just my two cents

Anonymous said...

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Mark Rodriguez said...

I do have to disagree with the first poster. I never liked Funi's dub putting unneccesary humor, stupid extra lines when they characters weren't really talking and messed up or changed dialogue since they didn't show all of the original Dragonball at the time. And changing the attack names in a show where attack names is the big deal is stupid too.

Had DBZ been dubbed the right way from the start, I would have agreed with you. But at least from the American side of things, having DBZ Kai FINALLY dubbed the way it should have been in the first place made DBZ Kai worth watching in English.

For me, DBZKai is the best dub of the series ever.