Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DragonBall Z Kai (Again)

Last week, I wrote about DragonBall Z Kai, and someone posted an awesome comment, so I decided to continue the discussion.

First off, there is good news.  DragonBall Z Kai is being continued!  They recently announced that the series is going to continue, through the Buu Saga.  The announcement came from Japan, but they say that the new episodes will only appear in non-Japanese countries.

And here's the bad news.  I'm not sure I support this.

That would bring them to my favorite part of DragonBall Z, which is Season 7.  I love that season.  It's almost a complete break from the rest of the series, which is all about drama and fighting.  Season 7 is about all about comedy and romance.

But if they try to remove all the filler from Season 7...

...I think they'll have about four episodes of real material.  They don't get around to mentioning Majin Buu--the main villain of the series--until the very last episode.  You could literally skip the rest of the season, and your understanding of the main plotline would not be hampered.

I'm hesitant to see what DBZK will do to my favorite season. If the series is faithful to its "eliminate all filler" motto, the season will be decimated.


Britnie said...

Thank you for the compliment. That comment was mine.

I hadn't heard Toei was bringing it back, so thanks for the notice. Last I heard, DBZK got horrible ratings in Japan, although it did decent everywhere else. That would make financial sense to continue it outside of Japan

Season 7 is one of my favorites too (although I'll always like season 2 the best) and it will be interesting to see how they handle the filler trimming. We don't even get to the tournament until 3/4 of the way through and like you said Majin Buu is literally mentioned in the last episode of the season. Season 7 is mostly funny filler. They might end up combining seasons 7 and 8 since a good chunk of filler will be eliminated from 8 too (not as much as 7 but enough to make a sizable dent.) Of course there's a lot of unnecessary filler in 9 too expescially during Vegito's fight, Gotenks in the Hyperbolic Chamber with Buu, and Goku and Vegeta's fight with Kid Buu, so even if they combine 7 and 8, 9 is going to be short too.

It will be interesting to see what they do. DBZ is about 291 episodes and DBZK at Cell is about 100. Toei has a lot of room to work with.

Mark Rodriguez said...

Not sure if it's gonna be THAT short... The whole second half of the DBZ manga IS the Buu saga, so there's still a lot of material to have a lot of episode. Most of the trimming will be skipping out most of the Great Saiyaman episodes.

I almost wish Kai actually REDREW the anime cause the manga version of the Great Saiyaman was quite different from the anime.