Sunday, February 10, 2013

Disney Dudes

Okay, so I want to talk about Disney movies for a bit. I've noticed that, recently, they seem to be a bit unbalanced in terms of gender.

The female heroines tend to be made in the modern, kick-butt, girl power image.  But the male heroes seem to be made in the dopey and useless Homer Simpson image.  I'm trying--and failing--to think of one recent Disney Dude who was a strong male lead.  The Prince from The Princess and the Frog was basically just comedy relief, and same thing is true of Flynn Rider from Tangled, and I don't think any of the males in Brave were important enough to even get names.

Does Wreck-It Ralph count?  Hmmm...yeah, let's say he counts.  Otherwise, I'd have to reach back to Tarzan or Hercules to find a kick-butt, guy power Disney Dude.

...Is "guy power" a thing?  I know "girl power" is, but I've never heard of "guy power".  I hope "guy power" refers to something good, and not something like "waste every Sunday watching football".

Anyway, I'm getting off-topic. Let me summarize.
  1. I liked Hercules.
  2. Winnie the Pooh is nice, but he is not a Macho Man
  3. Judging from his muscles, Wreck-It Ralph must work out a lot.


Anonymous said...

That's true now that I think about it lol

Miss. Cellaneous said...

Flynn was kick-butt... Did you SEE him knock the captain of the guard off his horse, knock other guys out with just a frying pan, and climb a stone tower??

Miriam said...

Flynn is my favorite Disney prince ever. <3
I might be a biiit biased, since my date and I wore Rapunzel and Flynn costumes to Sadies a few weeks ago, but whatever. Flynn is adorable.

Juliana said...

Flynn (or Eugene) is probably my favorite Disney "prince" ever. Tangled is just the SWEETEST movie ever.

Anonymous said...

Hm. In the past, men were considered more important than women; so that's why, now, we have the whole "Hey! Women are important too, don't forget that!" mindset going on. But it seems that we're almost so concerned about making sure that women are portrayed as stong and important, that the male characters fall to the sidelines?
Well to be fair though, Michael, there are plenty of movies that came out recently that have guy main characters, but idk if all of those are Disney.