Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. The premise of Last Man Standing is that Tim Allen plays an old-fashioned macho man.  Question: Why is it considered old-fashioned for guys to be tough and macho?

2. Also, does anyone besides me remember this commercial?

3. I am actively making a compendium of every burger place in Portland.  I'm up to thirteen places so far.  Yesterday's place was kind of a disappointment.  The burger had way too many extras; if I wanted that much lettuce, tomato and onion, I would have ordered a salad.  It makes me sad when I can't actually taste a burger while eating it.

Also, what's up with some places that put eggs on the burgers?  A full fried egg is a breakfast food, not a topping.


Paul said...

You gotta try it. The fried-egg burger at Red Robin is awesome, albeit literally to die for if you eat more than one a year.

Anonymous said...

On Triple D's, on the food network, they put them on Pizza. UGH!

Catherine Nightingale said...

So is bacon, really.

*She pauses to clear her throat.*

The only time I'd ever eat a fried egg as a topping is 1. it is between two pieces of toast and 2. I'm eating it for breakfast. Of course, in that case it would not necessarily be considered a topping but a condiment. Whether you meant 'condiment' or 'topping' I cannot be certain. But I totally agree--sheesh!