Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Three Things: DragonBall Z

1.  A new DragonBall Z movie is coming out this year.  It seems like it could be halfway decent.  Unlike the other movies, the author of DragonBall Z was actually consulted this time around.

I'm kind of wondering how they made over ten DBZ movies, without once consulting the series author.  Maybe his connection to the TV series doesn't go far beyond him writing the comic books that the series was based on.  And maybe the movies don't have much of a connection to the TV series.

2.  DragonBall Z ended in 1996, which is seventeen years ago.  This will be the fourth (or so) bit of new DragonBall Z animation since the TV series ended.

I'm kind of resentful, because all of the new animation is high budget, compared to the original series.  If you ever watch one of the show's DVDs, you'll notice that the animation quality completely changes from episode to episode.  (General rule: bad animation = filler episode).  But all of the new material has the same level of quality.  Sure, now they're paying for consistent animation.

3.  The press release that I saw talked about DBZ's worldwide success, calling it a "global phenomenon".  It went on to not mention that the movie will only be released in Japan.


Anonymous said...

I don't care for the DBZ movies, at all. They always contradict the series (like Vegeta having a brother? Really?! How does that make sense?) I prefer to imagine that they don't exist.

2NancyDrew said...

is dragon ball z like pokimon?

Anonymous said...

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