Monday, January 28, 2013

Sitcom Situation

Blog readers, I need some backup from you.  Am I crazy, or do sitcoms sometimes have episodes where people go on fake dates?  Like, Corey for Boy Meets World asks someone to be his pretend girlfriend, so he can impress "the boys".  Or maybe Felix Unger has been lying to his overbearing mother for years, and now that she's coming to visit, he has to pretend he's married.

I think my favorite variation of this was on Full House, when Danny was forced to bring a fake girlfriend with him, so he could be on a dating TV show.  The two of them ended up winning the award for "couple that knows the most about each other", even though they had never met before.

My next question is if sitcoms ever have fake children plotlines.  Like, Joey from Full House pretends that Baby Michelle is his daughter, so he can pick up girls at the supermarket.  Or my mom comes to visit from California, so I ask my wacky next door neighbor if I can pass off his kids as my own.  Hilarity ensues.

I'm asking, because I mentioned something like this to a friend, and he thought I was crazy.


Anonymous said...

Not sure about Joey, but Jessie on Full House pretended Michelle was his to pick up girls all the time. At least he did in the earlier episodes, before Michelle could talk.

I can't think of any fake girlfriend scenarios (the other Full House one you mentioned is a little off. Danny was going to go on the show with his real girlfriend, but got stuck with some random lady when his girlfriend didn't show up), but on shows like Hey Arnold different characters pretended to be family members for each other all the time.

Katie said...

I know of one fake child scenario--on "How I Met Your Mother," Barney pretends to have a wife and child when he visits his mom. Both the wife and child are actors he paid to help him convince his mom he's happily married when he believes she's dying...but when she doesn't pass away, he has to keep up the charade. So yeah, it's a "fake child" AND a "fake wife" plot. lol

Anonymous said...

this happens on many shows. I've seen this happen in many diferent shows.

Anonymous said...

Did you just make an Odd Couple reference? I THINK YOU DID! Sorry, I just love that show so much. Anywho, yes that seems to happen a lot! =)

2NancyDrew said...

i love full house!
and now that you mention it it does happen alot

Anonymous said...

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