Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill (Chapter 10)

Here is Chapter 10  of my fanfic, Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill. Today, Nancy cheats her way out of investigating in the library.


Nancy continued her counter-clockwise journey through the school with a trip to the library. She had the key from Aunt Eloise's safe, so she was able to get inside easily. The library was extremely large, with two different stories containing thousands of books.

"I don't have time to read all these books," Nancy said. "Time to use a shortcut."

She pulled out her copy of Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill and flipped to Chapter Ten, entitled "The Library". She started to read the book.

Nancy found herself in Aunt Eloise's domain: the library. The smell of books hit her nose, and she smiled as she began her research in the encyclopedia section. The first thing she looked up were foreign words. Diagrams in the encyclopedia showed some common ones.

"The medallion that Connie is wearing means 'crane'," Nancy said. "And crane is the name of the judo school being advertised in the school. Maybe Connie is the masked competitor who won the boys-only judo competition."

"Wow, the Nancy in this story is a lot farther along in the mystery than I am," Nancy noted.

Nancy also looked up some of the drugs which were stolen from Vandelay Pharmaceuticals. Most of them were steroids which had a danger of being abused by athletes.

"Athletes like Hulk Sanchez," Nancy said to herself. "This would explain his better-than-normal winning record this year, despite his injuries."

"Who's Hulk Sanchez?" Nancy wondered.

Nancy was about to leave, when she noticed an open drawer in the card catalogue. Pulling it out all the way, she saw that the last person to use the catalog had been looking for English Essays Through the Ages. Suddenly, Jake's note popped into her head:

He did what it took to make the grade
Even if it meant cheating to keep up the charade

"I need to find this book," Nancy decided. If Hal was plagiarizing essays, and Jake Rogers knew about it, Hal had a very good motive for killing Jake.

"Agh!" Nancy said, closing the book. "This book is full of spoilers!"


Anonymous said...

goooooood job both nancys

Stephan rose said...

can't wait til Nancy says "Secrets can CHILL!"