Tuesday, January 8, 2013


This year's season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is almost over.  Boy, it seems like it was a really short season this year..

No, wait.  It doesn't seem short.  It was short.  This year was a half-season.

Hasbro didn't bother to pay for a full season of MLP (or Transformers), using the logic that a) it's cheaper and b) the show is popular, so it's gonna make money no matter what.

Yeah, so they're cutting back on their two most popular shows, because...they're popular.  Huh.  Do they not know how television works?  Because usually, you try to promote our popular shows.

Oh, well.  Maybe Season Four will be a full season.  We don't know at this point, because they've haven't announced if they're making a fourth season or not.  Let's just hope they don't realize that it'd be cheaper to cancel the show immediately.


Anonymous said...

MLP & T have been on the shelves for years. The suit & ties don't realize their now audience is out- growing it soon and the new audience won't get it if they don't see it. If they want sales, the better rethink their strategy. Children love reruns. But they always want new storys.

Miss. Cellaneous said...

A rumor I heard was that MLP WAS going to be cancelled after this season due to certain aspects of its fanbase.

Miriam said...

I hope MLP gets to continue! It's a much better option than watching Jersey Shore or pretty much any other "popular" show that I hear people talk about. The ponies learn good lessons and aren't crude or anything. My mom still doesn't understand why I watch it, but she'd rather have me watching something "meant for toddlers" than filthy shows so she doesn't stop me.

alan050 said...

hey michael, just thought you would be interested in knowing that they have unoffically announced season 4.

and by unoffically i mean that they haven't put out a press release saying that it's coming out, but rather that the very comprehensive document that lies out there budget for the coming year clearly shows a fourth season has been budgeted for.

just thought you'd like to know.