Friday, January 4, 2013

Having Children

One of my new neighbors here in Portland firmly believes that poor people are responsible for the current demise of the US economy.  I'd explain her argument in more detail, but since you don't know her, let me tell the story using Harry Potter characters.

The first time that Draco Malfoy meets Ron Weasley, he says that all Weasleys have red hair and more children than they can afford.  He's making the same argument my neighbor makes: poor people should not be allowed to have children.

Please note that no poor person has ever made this argument.

The logical flipside to the argument is that only rich people should have children.  After all, they can afford it.  Oddly enough, though, this doesn't seem to happen.  Draco Malfoy is an only child, his father is an only child, and his son is an only child.  Considering that they're blood purists who are obsessed with geneaology, they're doing a horrible job of continuing the Malfoy bloodline.

Which brings me to the heart of the matter.  When someone says, "I don't think poor people should have children.", they usually mean, "I don't think anyone should have children."  Also, they tend to imply, "I dislike poor people."  That's true for my neighbor, at least.  I wonder if she's related to the Malfoys.


2NancyDrew said...

uh......... im going to assume this is like awhile ago when you had problems with your credit card any ways are you going to the Nancy Drew convention in Boston MA its from May 28- June 2 i might go ( if my mom says yes) for more detales look up Nancy Drew convention hope to see you there :)

Diana said...

I totally disagree with you.

The quote that you use, "more children than they can afford" does not translate to "poor people shouldn't have children". Rich or poor, no one should have children unless they're reasonably certain that they can provide for them. Creating children is the easy part, providing for them is the reality.
I assume that you're against birth control - so maybe you should take it upon yourself to become a benefactor to a few poor families and support them.

Anonymous said...

Did you know Planned Parenthood's founder's intentions were to decrease the amount of poor people in America? That's why if you are young, unemployed, or just generally not well off, you can get birth control relatively cheap or even free at their centers. Whereas if you have a well-paying job and are better off they charge you a lot more money. This is to prompt richer people not to really want to use birth control, thus having children in the US come from richer families.

Anonymous said...

i am so confused

Gina Christina said...

This is well said Michael. TY, huge fan by the way. Have you ever seen the show The Big Bang Theory? You remind me of Sheldon but in a good way.