Tuesday, January 1, 2013

General Hospital

It's no secret that I like to watch Days of Our Lives.  Recently, though, I've been getting into another soap opera, General Hospital.

I know I don't want to get addicted to two soap operas--I might as well wear a sign that says, "I have nothing to do during daytime hours"--so I'm limiting myself.  Instead of watching all of General Hospital, I only watch the scenes with Sabrina in them.

Sabrina--otherwise known as me if I were a girl--is trying to get the attention of Dr. Hotty.  Unfortunately, she's stuck firmly in the Friend Zone.  To make matters worse, Dr. Hotty is currently dating Nurse Shallow and Catty, who is constantly rubbing it in Sabrina's face.

Will Dr. Hotty ever realize that Sabrina is a much better girl for him, even though she's kind of young?  I'm not entirely sure that will happen.  For one thing, men on soap operas are ridiculously oblivious.  For another, this is clearly a joke plotline, not one of the "serious" plotlines.  It might not have your typical happy ending.

Then again, no one on soap operas really gets a happy ending.  If they did, there would be no drama at all, and the show would be boring.  But sometimes characters can get a temporary "and they all lived happily ever after..." ending.  Here's hoping that Sabrina can get some happiness in 2013.


Anonymous said...

General Hospital was huge in the '80s. My dad said he used to schedule his classes so he could watch it. Everyone did. I wonder if you can find old episodes anywhere.

Anonymous said...

One thing that amazes me is that these soap operas last for decades. :o Anyways, you shouldn't feel bad that these soap operas take up most of your time. Consider yourself one of many people that has watched Days of Our Lives and General Hospital over the decades they've been around.
Also, I agree with Diana's comment a few days ago. Can you please listen to your readers and respond? Thanks.

2NancyDew said...

im TRYIING to read your post but i CAN NOT focus with my friend sitting next 2 me singing safety torch >-<

Emma said...


2NancyDrew said...

noooooooooo do NOT sing that EVIL song!!!