Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion (DS)

Recently, I played Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion for the 3DS, which is way more fun than it should be.

Why It Should Not Be Fun:
  • If you don't replay any levels, it's rather short (eleven levels, over three worlds)
  • There are cheap enemies, who can only be injured if you hit them at the correct angle
  • There are cheap enemies, who do three hearts full of damage
  • There are cheap enemies, who take six hits to kill
  • The painting challenge gets repetitive quite quickly
  • The health refill items only fill up half a heart
Why It Is Super Fun:
  • The artwork is very nice
  • The Fortress
In between the platforming levels, you can visit The Fortress.  This is basically Disney meets Harvest Moon, or The Way I Was Hoping Kingdom Hearts Would Be.  Every Disney character has a room, and you can go around and talk to them.  Each character has two or three quests for you to solve over the course of the game, like Donald's quest to get a loan from his skinflint Uncle Scrooge, or Princess Tiana borrowing Rapunzel's frying pan, so she can cook some gumbo.  Other quests are collection quests, forcing you to replay levels.

It was extremely fun, seeing the characters interact with each other.  My favorite scene was Donald Duck getting flirty with Cinderella.  My only complaint would be that they didn't need rooms for five separate Peter Pan characters, when Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King only got one character room apiece.  But I forgive any and all failings of The Fortress, because Scrooge McDuck was one of the characters, and he was great.

Scrooge was also in the Disney Christmas parade last year.  Is my favorite non-movie Disney character making a comeback?  Probably not.


Emma said...

sounds fun, I wanna try it!

Katie said...

any chance you'll make a walkthrough for it? :D

Kp said...

You should try out Epic Mickey 1 & 2, they're really entertaining and full of the awesome artwork.