Thursday, December 13, 2012

Road Trip (Part 24): Grand Canyon

My sister from San Francisco joined me in Albuquerque and accompanied me on the last leg of my trip.  From New Mexico, we went to the Grand Canyon.  The Grand Canyon was fabulous, although a bit chilly.  When I was younger, my family always went on nature hikes (because it was free entertainment), so we grew up enjoying that sort of thing.

Hiking along the canyon was great.  I'd love to return and do the bike ride along the canyon.  Even if it triggered my fear of heights, I still enjoyed it.


After the Grand Canyon, we visited one of those drive-in nature preserves, like the one near Mount Rushmore. This one was Bearizona, and it had the most active bear cubs I've ever seen.  Two of them wrestled with each other, nonstop.  I'll try to get the video footage of the bear cub wrestling online.

After that, I learned never to let my sister drive to Los Angeles at night. That was it for the day.


Anonymous said...

I want the Wizard Angst shirt

Anonymous said...

why shouldent your sister drive @ night???

Anonymous said...

your so cute michael

Anonymous said...

*100% anon approved*

Christy Wolcott said...

OMG LOVE the wizard Angst shirt! way to rock it!