Saturday, December 8, 2012

Road Trip (Part 19): Dallas

Today I went to the Dallas Zoo, and the Dallas Cathedral.  I didn't do anything else, because I was still kind of sick from the food poisoning last night.  I had great timing with the zoo; no one else was there besides me and the stroller brigade (parents with children too young for school).

The zoo was pretty amazing, and I would definitely go again.  The four exhibits I loved most were the elephants, giraffes, gorillas and crocodiles.  One of the crocodiles did the classic "dead log" trick.  That's something crocodiles do to catch prey; they float across a pond, not moving at all.  And when they get close enough, they attack!  I never thought I'd see a crocodile try that on me.

Can you see the crocodile hidden in the water?

The downside was the tiger exhibit, presented by some big oil company that wanted a tax write-off.  That oil company really cheaped out here; they got an exhibit area large enough to house six tigers, but they only put one tiger inside.  I guess they thought it was a tiger exhibit, not a tigers exhibit.  And, of course, it was impossible to find the one tiger hiding in the huge area.  I had to settle for a picture of the display sign.

Outside of the Dallas Zoo is the best McDonald's ever.  Zoo McDonald's rules!

The entire outside and inside of Zoo McDonald's is filled with animal statues and pictures.  It is seriously fantastic.

That was it for Dallas Day.  I drove past the Texas Instruments headquarters (they make the TI-83 graphing calculators), and I also drove past the memorial where President John F. Kennedy was shot.  The memorial is blocked off, so you can see almost nothing at all from your car.  You have to pay for city parking and walk to the memorial, in order to see it.  I didn't feel like paying more money for parking, though, so I just drove by.


Anonymous said...

great job, now i want to go there!
JK looks like fun ps i cant find video #24 of your walkthrough for Nancy Drew:The Deadly Drvice on you tube thanks!

Anonymous said...

sorry its me again it wasent vid.# 24 it was #25 pleas fix it im going (even more than usal) KRAZY

Celeste said...

Hey arglefumph! I live in Dallas, there is SOOOOO much more that u can see than the zoo! But I can't list them all (sorry) too much to wright! i am soooo lazy today.

Anonymous said...

hi im the one who had trouble with not being able to find that vid. but i found it thanks!