Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Road Trip (Part 16): Saint Louis

Saint Louis Day was fun, especially because I got to meet up with my long-lost sister.  It's kind of odd, actually.  My sister doesn't live in Saint Louis, but I couldn't convince her to meet with me when I visited her home town.  So we met in Saint Louis instead.

We started by going to the Saint Louis Zoo, which was nice.  They specialize in endangered animals, so you can expect to see species that you've never heard of before, like the bactrian camel, the okapi, and California sea lions that moves.

(Explanation of the previous joke: The sea lions we have in San Francisco never move at all.  The fat lazy things just lie on unused docks, all day long.  But the sea lions in this zoo were swimming around and doing things, which amazed me.)

The highlight of the zoo trip were the kangaroos, who got into a fight.  They punched each other, and wreslted around.  Sometimes, they'd lead back on their tails and do a super-kick with both legs, but apparently, they only use that as a long-range attack, because they prefer the punching.

After that, we went to the St. Louis arch, which was pretty interesting, even if it needs to be cleaned. We were going to ride the elevator to the top of the arch, but the next available tickets were for two hours away, so we decided not to.

That was mainly it for the day.  My sister and I got lunch at a well-known (in St. Louis) concrete mixer ice cream place.  After that, I dropped her off at her place, because she was tired.  The only other thing I did that day was stop by the St. Louis Cathedral, on the way back to the hotel.  It was, hands down, the most amazing cathedral I saw on my trip.  It had these really good, huge mosaics everywhere.


Anonymous said...

so happy you got t0 see your sister:)

Anonymous said...

I went to St. Louis this summer and rode the arch on my missions trip :) it was really fun we had a screaming contest inside the tiny elevator I don't think they liked us :p

The Beckster said...

Oh my Drew... I used to live near St. Louis! You didn't happen to have Andy's frozen custard, did you?! I love that place.

Michael Gray said...

Yeah, Andy's! That was totally it. See, I knew locals would know where I meant.