Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill (Chapter 4)

Here's Chapter Four of my fanfic, Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill. Today, Nancy meets the flirty Daryl Gray, when she visits Maxine's Diner for the first time.


Nancy left Aunt Eloise's house, and she walked towards Paseo Del Mar High School. But she was hungry, and Aunt Eloise said she was on her own for dinner, so Nancy decided to go to Maxine's Diner instead.
Maxine's was a 50's-style diner, selling old-fashioned hamburgers, milkshakes and things like that. There was a jukebox, and some arcade games in the corner.

The only employee at the diner was a teenager with sandy-colored hair. "Hi, welcome to Maxine's!" he said. "I'm Daryl Gray. I don't think I've seen you here before."
"My name's Nancy Drew," Nancy said. "I'm here visiting my Aunt Eloise. She's the librarian at Paseo Del Mar High."

"I'm the student body president there," Daryl said. "If you need any help, just let me know."
"Thanks," Nancy said. "What's it like at Paseo Del Mar?"

"It's a great school," Daryl assured her. "Lots of good people, nice teachers, and our football team is #1 in the state, four years running."
"Does anything bad happen at the school?" Nancy asked. "Like, I dunno...the occasional murder?"

"Yeah," Daryl said, looking kind of upset. "A senior named Jake Rogers was killed last week. He worked here, but I didn't really know him. He kept to himself, mostly."
Either that, or Daryl's trying to distance himself from the victim to avoid suspicion, Nancy thought. She asked, "Has the culprit been caught yet?"

"No, nobody's heard anything about any arrests," Daryl said. "But my resources say they're bringing in a special detective to solve the case. Maybe even the FBI."
"You must have special contacts," Nancy noted.

"Special enough to let me see beautiful women like yourself!" Daryl said.
Nancy stared at Daryl. "What." she said.

"Get it?" Daryl said, pointing to his eye. "I'm wearing contacts that let me see beautiful women?"
Nancy gave Daryl a death-stare, and he was forced to contemplate the utter ineffectiveness of his pick-up lines as the awkward silence stretched towards infinity.

"...Never mind," Daryl said. "Nice meeting you, Nancy."
Nancy turned and left Daryl to himself.


Stephan rose said...

Guys named Gray are all SUCH flirts. And they can't keep the ladies at bay...

Diana Gray said...

What does that say about girls named Gray? ;)

2NancyDrew said...

uh.... akward.

Anonymous said...

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Sparksbet said...

For some reason, Daryl Gray seems so much cuter when his pickup line is lame and fails to badly. I don't know why... the awkwardness is adorable.

Stephan rose said...

@Diana. I'm sure you're even worse ;o)