Friday, November 9, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph

I saw Wreck-It Ralph yesterday.  I arrived about 25 minutes late, because I left the house late and walked all the way to the theater.  It ended up being perfect timing, because I showed up about half a minute after the movie started.

Man, that's a lot of previews I miseed out on.

The movie itself was pretty good.  It's all about characters who live in the videogame world.  There are three videogames that they show: a 1980's arcade game, a modern first person shooter, and a go-kart game with a candy theme.  Those are all vastly different games, and they did a good job of making each of those areas feel unique and true to its genre.  If you ever got bored with the movie, you could have fun simply looking at all the cool backgrounds and environments.

The two main characters of the movie are going through an...occupational crisis, where they want to change who they are and what they do.  Ralph wants to change from a villain to a hero.  Vanelope wants to change from an unused glitch character to a real character.  It actually took me a moment or two to understand Vanelope's backstory, because when she started saying things like "I was never supposed to exist.  I'm just an accident that no one wanted," my mind instantly thought she was talking about abortion.

I'm not sure what else I can say, without going into huge detail.  Some of the videogame jokes are clever, like the inclusion of the Koonami code, but there's never a situation where a non-gamer won't understand what's going on.  I didn't like the way they ended Vanelope's storyline, but it'd be spoilerrific if I said more about that.  Also, on the whole, I'm not a fan of Disney movies without characters singing, but the film is so good that I won't hold that against it.


Anonymous said...

haha i like Disney singing movies too :) looks like it was a good movie can't wait to see it

Anonymous said...

I feel a little better. When Vanelope said that, I thought the same thing too. I thought it was a little dark for Disney, but then again, Disney does make dark movies if you really think about them.

I agree about Vanelope's ending. It's hard to talk about without spoiling it, but it felt rushed, kinda of unnecessary, and that they were just pandering to the audience.

Moriah said...

I wanna see Wreck it Ralph so bad, It looks like its a good Disney movie , looks funny too!

Christi said...

I'm kind of against Sarah Silverman and don't want to support her, but maybe I can make an exception...