Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Operation Titanic

I jsut started reading the Nancy Drew Hardy Boys Super Mystery Operation Titanic.  The book was written shortly after the movie Titanic; I picked up the book on a whim.  I just read Chapter One today, and I can tell this book is going to be hilarious.

The book starts off with Nancy and the FBI crew, ready to bust a dangerous criminal named Trey Carter.  They are deadly serious about the operation, and everything was incredibly intense.

As it turns out, though, the criminal operation is kind of...stupid.  Carter is scamming a radio program, by taping pay phones to cell phones.  This way, nobody else but him can call the radio station.  That means he's guaranteed to be be Caller #104, and win tickets to the Titanic expedition.  A sneaky plan, to be sure, but it's kind of weird that it involves taping sixteen phones together.

Our heroes break into the hotel laundromat that Carter is using. A gunfight soon breaks out, because Carter really wants those tickets.  Carter is about to escape, when he gets shot by a mysterious person wearing an alien mask. Mr. Alien escapes into the darkness.  End chapter.

I don't know about you, but I am excited to see what happens next.  My favorite part of the chapter was this line: "Suddenly, the thought occurred to Nancy that there was no way she could explain getting shot to her father".  Imagine that conversation:

Dad: Nancy, what happened?
Nancy: Dad...I got shot by a criminal mastermind.
Dad: A criminal mastermind? What was his plan?
Nancy: He...taped phones together.


Anonymous said...

My son is a Titanic Fanatic, but I don't think this will be on his reading list. Makes me wonder what will happen in chapter 2.

Michelle said...

After reading you description, I had to check and see if the library had a copy of this one -- I think I'm going to reserve it just to see how taping the phones together supposedly worked!

Miss. Cellaneous said...

Oh gosh, I remember reading that book ages ago.. I can't remember it being like THAT though... All I remember is Nancy thinking about how usually it's the Hardy Boys get into the middle of shootings. LOLZ enjoy reading it!