Sunday, November 25, 2012

One Bad Apple

This week's new episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was entitled One Bad Apple.  It was a Cutie Mark Crusaders episode (the main characters' little sisters).  In general, I usually skip over CMC episodes.  I don't really like them that much; I much prefer episodes that star the main characters.

The episode focused on the semi-relevant topic of bullying prevention, which has been all over children's media for a while.  Apple Bloom's cousin, Babs Seed, comes to stay in town for a week.  Babs becomes a bully and torments the CMC for a while.

The CMC decide to strike back, with an overly-complicated prank involving a parade float.  Eventually, they learn that Babs is a good person.  She's just misguided, thanks to some bully problems of her own.  They all become best friends and live happily ever after.

It was a simplistic episode, with a straightforward moral and a simple ending. I didn't see much to like or dislike about it, and I probably won't bother to watch it again.  I think the only thing I have to say is a lament that Applejack gets more lines in her sister's episodes than in her own episodes.


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