Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device Walkthrough

My official video walkthrough for Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device is live on Youtube! I'm going to release two videos a day, until the walkthrough is over.

I've only done ten videos so far, and I'm around the halfway point of the game. Hopefully, I can finish the video walkthrough, before the videos catch up to me.


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Anonymous said...

Huh? About the last comment. Hope you show everyone where the 4 easter eggs are. I replay games just to find those eggs, and cause I love to replay Nancy Drew. I wish they would make a game with just puzzles. All of Nancy's puzzles in one game. I know, but I just love the puzzles.

Breanna(: said...

Michael i think you did an awsome job with your walkthrough for the deadly device!!! All of your walkthroughs are really great. My favorite one is Shadow at the water's edge(:

shannon, country girl said...

i love your game walkthroughs!
u do a wonderful job!!