Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device Tasklist

I'm working on my text walkthrough for Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device.  I thought it might help if I had a separate section for each item on the tasklist, so I typed out the entire thing.

1. Read Case File
2. Investigate Ryan
3. Meet Everyone at the Lab
4. View the Security Video Mentioned in the Case File
5. Explore Niko's Office
6. Investigate the Log-In Irregularity from the Night of the Murder
7. Explore the Halls
8. Explore the Lounge
9. Power Off the Electrical Grid
10. Snoop in Ellie's Workspace
11. Get a High Score in the Aggregation Arcade Game
12. Snoop in Mason's Workplace
13. Snoop in the Security Booth
14. Find Something to Open the Locked Lab
15. Explore the Tech Workshop
16. Use the Key Card to Get Past a Locked Door
17. Find the Password for Mason's Computer
18. Figure Out What the Video File Referenced on Mason's Computer Shows
19. Power on Gray's Computer
20. Figure Out the Password for Gray's Computer
21. Figure Out the Password to Activate the Keycard Program
22. Inquire After the Loud Humming Near the Lab
23. Find a Way to listen to the Audio Card
24. Get Koko Mallos for Ryan
25. Investigate Ryan's Threats Against Niko
26. Explore the Lab
27. Repair the Small Tesla Coil in the Lab
28. Explore the Tesla Coil Lab
29. Explore the Photolithography Lab
30. Unlock the Supply Closet in the Photolithography Lab
31. Find the Missing Bottle of Hydrofluoric Acid
32. Repair the Tesla Coil
33. Replace the Capacitors in the Tesla Coil
34. Unlock the Control Booth Door
35. Unlock the Supply Cabinet
36. Make a New Circuit Board for the Small Tesla Coil
37. Manufacture the Missing Part for the Tesla Coil
38. Follow up with Victor about New Evidence on Ryan
39. Track Down Some New Leads
40. Escape from the Photo Lab
41. Find Out Why Mason Was in the Lab After Hours
42. Find Out What Gray Was Shredding
43. Figure Out the Meaning of the List of Book Titles from Ellie's Desk
44. See What's Inside Niko's Notebook
45. Find Out Who the Owner of the Key Card from Mason and Ellie's Office Is
46. Break into Ellie's Cellphone
47. From the Shredded Page, Find Out What's Been Placed in "Safe Keeping"
48. View the Video Referenced in Gray's Lock Box
49. Figure Out What the Extra Data Showing on the Video with Gray Means
50. Track Down the Source of the Alarm
51. Save Mason!
52. Find a Way Back into the Lab
53. Play Niko's Song on the Small Tesla Coil
54. Illuminate a Black Light Under the Glow
55. Find a Way Past the Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
56. Get Victor's Candy for Ryan
57. Stop the Elevator from Crashing!
58. Make a Fake Fingerprint
59. Explore Niko's Study
60. Listen to the Audio Diaries from Niko's Study
61. Discover the Pigeon's Secret
62. Figure Out the Importance of Frequency 37
63. Turn on Niko's Video System and See What's On It
64. Find the Password for Niko's Video System
65. Get the USB with the Video Showing Niko's Murderer Out of the Lab
66. Find a Way to Safely Get the Video Out of Niko's Study and to the Police
67. Avoid Electrocution!
...Maybe I'll use the checklist from Master Sleuth mode instead. You know, the task list that doesn't take note of every small detail?


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Can't wait for your walkthrough :D

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When r u gonna do the real walkthrough?

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Spoiler alert please!!!

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A couple of these aren't even required..s: