Sunday, November 11, 2012

Crystal Empire

I wanted to do a live Twitter-stream while watching the 2-part season premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but I decided not to, because it might annoy my followers who don't know about the show.

I have no problems annoying you blog readers, so here's my analysis of The Crystal Empire two-parter.
  • The plot is that the Crystal Ponies have become depressed amnesiacs. So our heroes have to save them all, by putting on a historical fair.  Makes sense to me!
  • Princess Luna is super-grumpy during the exposition scene.  Really?  Girl, you only get one scene per season; you need to make yours count.
  • Shining Armor is the worst unicorn ever.  At the start of the first episode, he gets black stains on his horn, and that stops him from doing anything else for the entire two-parter.  It never occurs to him that he can, you know, wash the stains off.
  • To put things in perspective: Shining Armor is a Mary Sue.  He's a Prince, Captain of the Royal Guard and the most powerful (male) unicorn in the entire world.  But a little dirt on his horn manages to stop him cold for two episodes.  Worst unicorn ever!
  • During the big climax, Shining Armor picks up his exhausted wife and throws her at the villain.  I kid you not.  WORST UNICORN EVER.
  • No, wait, throwing his wife at the villain actually kills the villain.  Woah!  Maybe that was Shining Armor's plan all along.  Best unicorn ever?
  • They end the episode with a pun, a song, and the Mysterious Book of Foreshadowing.  I approve.


Hayley Brehio said...

I was really disappointed with the villain. He had no real back story, a handful of lines, and a really anti-climactic "death". There wasn't enough conflict to satisfy me, personally. I mean, the black magic introduction was cool and whatnot, but still. I did like the overall episode, and I loved that Spike is finally getting some recognition with his singing and in helping Twilight!

Anonymous said...

HAHA! Now i kinda want to see that episode!

Anonymous said...

Yea I watched it, now that you mention it Shining Armor is kinda Mary-Sue-ish, but he always needs to get saved by Twilight, so he isn't entirely perfect. Good reviews! :3

Miss. Cellaneous said...

You just..don't understand! Those weren't "stains"! Those were some sort of black crystaly things that were put on his horn by Somber's black magic. I agree with the top comment. Somber wasn't really a character. He was just sort of..a presence. I don't understand how you can make such an epic character as Discord then create Somber...

Kimix3 said...

Lol! The first time I watched it and saw Shining Armor throw his wife at the villain/Spike, I laughed so hard and sorta wondered...
WHY, would you throw your wife at him? I mean, she's exhausted and how would she get enough energy to fly?

Overall, it was alright..