Tuesday, October 30, 2012

World Series

The San Francisco Giants won the World Series!  They're the local baseball team, so everyone is super excited.  They managed to defeat Detroit without losing a single game, too, which is very impressive!

As I mentioned last year, the Giants didn't even make the playoffs.  In fact, here's a chart of their past five seasons:

2007-08: Didn't make the playoffs at all.
2008-09: Didn't make the playoffs at all.
2009-10: World Series Champions!
2010-11: Didn't make the playoffs at all.
2011-12: World Series Champions!

So apparently, whenever the Giants are in the playoffs, they become the World Series Champions.  Good to know!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well, apparently it stinks to be living in Kansas City where the royals are about as talented as mushrooms, oh well :p it's not that I really watch sports anyways

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for San Francisco, but bummed that Aretha Franklin didn't get to sing the National Anthem this season :/

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