Sunday, October 14, 2012

Road Trip (Part 7): Bear Country

The next day on my trip was Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. It was a good day, but also a bad one, because I lost two hours of time. Hour #1 was lost, because I had car trouble and had to get a tire fixed. Hour #2 was lost, when I crossed time zones. Why isn't all of South Dakota in the same time zone?

I guess you could say I also lost a third hour, getting to Mount Rushmore. You can only reach it from one direction, and it's about a half hour south of the main highway. So going to Mount Rushmore and then back to the main highway was another hour of lost time that wasn't on my itinerary.

Not too far from Mount Rushmore is a free, drive-through zoo area called Bear Country.  I have 47 pictures from this place, and here are five of them.

Don't you hate it when you're driving, and a bear blocks the road ahead of you?

That bear is dangerous close to my car.

Objects in mirror are greater than they appear.


A bear


Anonymous said...

ahhhhh i love when i went to SD. But a buffalo hit my car and that wasnt cool:(

Emma said...

Bears are so awesome omg

Paul Franzen said...

Dude, that bear zoo looks awesome! I wanna go!

fox racing girl said...

the pics u took were cool!!!
i love the pictures of the bears[=