Friday, October 12, 2012

Road Trip (Part 5): Washington and Montana

After my fun day in Washington, the next day was driving to Montana, with one scheduled stop at Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral, the cathedral for the Diocese of Spokane, I believe.  The best parts of the Cathedral are the ornate doors and the stained-glass windows.  The sanctuary is rather bare, and the layout was your typical "Mary on the left side, Joseph on the right, stations of the cross along the walls" setup you see in a lot of churches.

Each of the twelve door plates are about the size of an iPad.  They are individually crafted.

There's nothing to say about the drive out of Washington, except to note that the fog was extremely bad in the mountain areas.  I didn't make any stops in Idaho, as I went through the top part of the state.  In fact, the only stop I made, besides for the Cathedral, was one of the scenic viewpoints.  I stopped there because taking photos seemed like a good excuse to stop driving for a while.

The switch to another time zone caught me completely off guard, and it almost made me late for mass that night at St. Francis Xavier's parish, in Missoula, MT.  This church was a Jesuit artist's dream; over the course of a few years there, he painted all sorts of humongous paintings.  Some were copies of famous paintings, not originals, but that hardly matters.  It's a beautiful church, and it's rare to see a place which is completely plastered with such large and beautiful paintings.

This is about a third of the ceiling.

And here is the top 2/3rds of the right wall, to give you a sense of what the walls are like.

After mass, all I did was find my hotel and go to sleep instantly.  A long day of driving and time zone travel will do that to you.


fiatlux3721 said...

Arglefumph, are you still in Montana?? We should hang out! :D

Anonymous said...

Hes not. he was just in MN a week ago

Anonymous said...

Ooh fancy ceiling