Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Road Trip (Part 3): Seattle

Seattle is a pretty exciting city.  I would like to go back again someday and check out things I missed, like the cool-looking aquarium, the tour of Underground Seattle and the original Starbucks (which I drove past).

The weather in Seattle isn't very good.  I knew that ahead of time, so I brought an umbrella.  It started out with horrible rain, then it went to completely sunny, and then it went to not-so-good.  I prefer places where the weather stays the same all day, so I don't have to do any major wardrobe changes.

The highway system in Seattle is a mess.  If I didn't have GPS, I would be completely lost.  Even with the GPS, I got confused by the thirty-or-so intersecting turnoffs for the four highways.  The part which completely fooled me was on-ramp to Highway 5.  I thought I would have to take a left, which is the simplest and shortest way.  Turns out, that takes you to a different place entirely.  Instead, to go left onto 5, you need to take three rights.

The place I went to was the Space Needle area.  The Space Needle is amazing, and they take you up to the top part, which is 502 feet off the ground.  The elevator ride to the top is pretty much the scariest thing ever, when you watch the ground get farther and farther away at such a fast speed.  Here are some pictures:

You get a free souvenir photo if you buy an elevator ticket.
The view from the top.

A flying pig statuette.

The area around the Space Needle is pretty good, too, although I didn't pay to go inside any of the museums.  I was still able to wander around for forty minutes, finding cool things to take pictures of, like that flying pig statuette, the monorail and two life-size dinosaur statues.


Anonymous said...

your so cute michael:) glad to see that your having fun on your rode trip:) enjoy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you going to Chicago? If you need a tour-guide...

Nana Cupcake said...

OMGOMGOMG!!! EEEEEE!!!! Michael, that's awesome you're in Seattle! :D

Miriam said...

Ah, my beautiful Seattle. :) I love the weather here, except when it's sunny. <3

Randybmsc said...

your so cute michael:) glad to see that your having fun on your rode trip:) enjoy!!!!