Saturday, October 27, 2012

Road Trip (Part 12): Minneaoplis

Minneapolis has bad traffic.  Seattle's problem was that it had four or five highways converge into a huge mess of crazy.  Minneapolis has the same problem, with a twist.  They purposely tried to get all the highways to intersect and merge.  That way, you won't have a long wait before you reach the highway you want, no matter where you're going or where you start from.

It's a good plan, actually.  The downside is that the roads have more forks than a silverware convention.  It's helpful when my GPS tells me to "take the left fork", but when there are three froks in quick succession, my GPS can't react quickly enough, and I end up taking the wrong one.

The city was also undergoing large construction work that day, so many streets and highways were closed.  I ended up having to take a half-hour detour through the University of Minnesota.  It's a nice-looking campus, but it takes way too long to go through.

In Minneapolis, I drove past all three stadiums.  The baseball one is in a bad part of town that I would never want to visit at night.  The football one seems like it's in an inconvenient location; it feels sort of squeezed into a place near the highway.  The hockey stadium seemed like it had the best location, with plenty of open parking lots and everything.

I think the saving grace in Minneapolis was a great radio station I found called Jack FM.  The gimmick behind the station is that they don't have any DJ banter.  Ever.  I really liked it, and I'm going to start listening to it online.

Once I finally left the traffic disaster of the Twin Cities, I went through Wisconsin. I got some cheese at a local dairy on the way to Green Bay, but I left it alone too long and it spoiled.  Now I don't know what their famous cheese tastes like.


Diana said...

Michael, if you visited Door County in Wisconsin, I'd love to hear your opinion; it's one of my favorite places in the world.

Miriam said...

"Did you come to Wisconsin...for the cheeeeese?" ~Nancy Drew, Treasure in the Royal Tower

Anonymous said...

:D I went to the silverware convention, did you go to the silverware convention??