Monday, October 8, 2012

Road Trip (Part 1): Portland

All right, time for me to talk about my road trip through America.  Day #1 (because the first two days don't count) was Oregon to Washington, with a stop at Portland.

The drive to Portland was rather scenic, with nice rivers and forests.  The downside to the scenic forest route is that there are absolutely no towns along the way.  There were a couple of half-dead towns with most of the buildings for sale.  It struck me as kind of weird, to see which companies went out of business, and which ones didn't.  For example, half the gas stations and three-fourths of the diners were closed, but every single Insurance Salesman Company was still in business.

I wanted to see four or so places in Portland.  It turns out that Downtown Portland is not a good place to drive.  Most of the streets are one-way streets, and the pedestrians treat streetlights as mere suggestions.  Retrospect tells me that I should have gone to a parking garage and walked around, like everyone else in the city was doing.

Speaking of everyone in Downtown Portland, 80% of the people I saw were Goths. Not sure why.  Maybe they were having a festival that day.

Anyway, my first destination in Portland was Powell's Bookstore.  Click for the full version of the picture.

Powell's is a gigantic three-story bookstore, which takes up an entire city block.  As it turns out, the bookstore has its own parking lot, so all the time I spent looking for street parking was a complete waste.  I got a decent Latin dictionary, and two out-of-print puzzle books.  It's nearly impossible to find old puzzle books, which don't have the answers written in already.

There were two more sections I wanted to look at, but like I said, the bookstore was gigantic.  I didn't have enough time to find, then go through them, before my parking meter three blocks away expired.

Destination #2 in Portland was the world's smallest city park, which is about the size of a pillow.  It is hidden by an impossible-to-find turnoff, next to the bridge.  When I missed the turnoff, I decided not to turn around and see the park, because I'd probably have to pay for street parking again.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you having fun michael. :) take care and God Bless:)

Anonymous said...

The world's smallest city park?? Well isn't that...enlightening

Miriam said...

Ooh, so jealous. My friend has been to Powell's and she showed me a map once. It's like a little chunk of heaven was just dropped into Portland...

Nana Cupcake said...

Oh my God! I'm on a road trip too, Michael! I visited Portland. And, um, I'm in Seattle. Come visit; it's beautiful here! Heehee!

Sixty days of sunshine in a row!