Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Recording Plans

Here are my Youtube plans, for the future.  I tried making Youtube plans for the past, but they didn't work out.

  1. Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device.  Phoenix and I will continue our blind playthrough of this game.  Since we both have busy lives, and since we're on opposite sides of the country, we don't have a set schedule for this.  Basically, we'll record whenever we can.
  2. Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch.  I have about 19 videos in this walkthrough, which have not yet been posted to Youtube.  So I'll be throwing those online every now and then, just so people have something to watch while they're waiting for the next Deadly Device video.
  3. The Miles Edgeworth Game.  There's a small, but really dedicated group of viewers who love this game.  Once the two above Nancy Drew walkthroughs are done, I'll post Case #4 of this game online.
  4. Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device.  While the Edgeworth videos are going online, I'll start work on my real walkthrough for the game.  So once Edgeworth is done, I should have the official Deadly Device walkthrough ready, and I'll post that.
That should last me until December, at the least.  So that's what you can expect in the future!


Anonymous said...

Miles edgeworth case 4? :D yea!!

Anonymous said...

cant wait for your real walkthrough. i like your blind but its also hard to watch you just do nothing. I have preordered this game but it hasnt come yet and watching yours has made it more bearble.

Anonymous said...

Love you Micheal.. We understand and we can't wait for you to post the real walkthrough!!!!

Emma said...

thank you so much michael for taking the time to make us happy :)

Balin said...

I'm enjoying the Miles Edgeworth walkthrough. Are you going to do Ace Attorney 5 when it comes out?

Heidi said...

Hi: Can you tell me what program you use to record your walkthroughs? My son is trying to learn how to do it. He's also a big Nancy Drew fan. Thanks!