Monday, October 22, 2012

Nightmare Before Christmas

I saw The Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time yesterday.  I never saw it before, because Mom forced her kids to dislike all Tim Burton movies.

It's an okay movie, but it's kind of short.  I saw it on TV, so I thought that maybe they cut things out due to time.  For instance, it feels like they cut out all the backstory for the girl character.  She was interesting enough, but I kept wondering why she was in the film.  She doesn't affect the plot, and she only talks to Jack twice.  The first time, he's not really paying attention.  The second time, they're soulmates.  That was a bit much for me.

Jack was a fun character, although there were definitely moments when he was ridiculously scary.  I had to remind myself that he's the good guy in the movie, even though he performs villainous acts like kidnapping Santa Claus.  (Why did he immediately resort to kidnapping Santa, again?)  I think Jack scared me more than the villain of the movie did.

The mix of stop-motion animation and traditional animation was great at some parts.  The singing was generally good, although I think there was a tad too much of it.

All in all, I think I'd give it a 6 out of 10.  The film toed the border between "fun" and "creepy", but it fell too close on the creepy side for my tastes.  I honestly think it would be a better movie if it was longer; maybe that means I did see the shortened TV version, after all.


Anonymous said...

i cannot watch that movie:P

Emily said...

I think that's the Burton movie that gets the most hype, but it's actually not one of my favorites. And it is a short movie. I think it's only 76 minutes long or somewhere around there. I can't remember exactly. I like the characters, but I know the plot line so well that it bores me now to watch it. My favorite Burton movie is Sleepy Hollow. Have you seen it?

Anonymous said...

When I first watched it I thought jack's dog was a Kleenex XD

Anonymous said...

I cant believe you dont think the villian in nightmare is scary, he is so obnoxiously scary to me uggh his body filled with bugs nasty

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