Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nancy Drew Background Pictures

If you've played the Nancy Drew iPad game, you'll know they have pictures in the background of the pages.  I thought that was a cool effect, and it's certainly more interesting than text on a plain white background.  My only question was "Where did they get the pictures from?".

Well, recently, I picked up an old Nancy Drew book and found this on the inside covers:

Those are the same pictures that are used in Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch.  So that's where the pictures come from! They were on the inside covers of some older Nancy Drew books.  It's pretty neat how they reused the book pictures in a game.

I believe some of these pictures were also used as book covers.  See the one in the upper/right corner of the left page?  A colorized version of that picture was the most well-known cover for Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock.  Which version of the picture came first, I wonder...

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Diana Gray said...

They're all book covers. I read a bunch of Nancy Drew books when I was in elementary school. I still remember one of my favorites was third row down on the right page, the one with Nancy looking at the gem with the spider in it.