Monday, September 3, 2012

WWA, Chapter 68

Here's Chapter 68, of my story Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today is the final chapter. Hooray!


Six Months Later...

It was graduation day at Waverly Academy. Nancy had been invited to attend the ceremony, even though she had only been a student there for three days. Of course, Nancy accepted the invitation. She liked being able to see all her friends at Waverly one last time, before they went off to their various colleges.

Nancy had kept in touch with most of the people at Waverly, so she had some idea of what happened over the past six months.

When Mel's roommate recovered and moved back in, they got in a huge fight over the fact that Mel had painted the room pink. That inspired Mel to write a cello piece she called, "The Walls Are Pink, Deal with It."

Leela was made permanent Snack Shop Monitor after Nancy left. The teachers argued that Leela spent all her time in the rec room anyway, so she might as well make herself useful.

Izzy was, well, still Izzy. She managed to get accepted into Harvard, even though she hadn't become the valedictorian. The number of boyfriends she had stolen in her time at Waverly was in the double digits.

Rachel and Kim Hubbard were kicked out of Waverly Academy for committing "audacious fraud". Thanks to the urging of some alumni, the twins were reinstated as students shortly afterwards. They weren't allowed to join the valedictorian race—the school thought it was unfair for two people to compete as one person—but they didn't care.

The girls at Ramsey Hall all got to sit in the front row, during the official ceremonies. Everyone looked impressive in their graduation robes. Leela wore a sports jersey over her robe. Mel's robes were pink. Rachel and Kim had matching robes that made them look like twins.

Once the commencement address was finished, the headmistress came onstage. "Before we hand out the diplomas, there are two very special graduates I have to take note of," the headmistress said. "The first is our valedictorian for this year, Paige Griffen!"

Izzy slumped down in her seat. "It is such a rip-off that Paige won," she muttered. "She was out of the running for months!"

"All because she found her lost term paper," Leela said. "I can't believe Becca—I mean, Nancy—gave it to her!"

"It was the right thing to do," Mel shrugged. "Although I kind of wish she hadn't done it, either."

However, no one could hear the grumbling of the losers of the valedictorian race, over the loud applause that Paige received. Paige went onstage to get her special diploma and award.

"And our second special graduate," the headmistress continued, "is none other than our good friend, Nancy Drew!"

Nancy fell out of her seat. "WHAT?" she shouted.

"For special services to the school, and for her unparalleled achievement in the field of American literature, we are pleased to present her with this honorary diploma," the headmistress said.

"I...graduated?" Nancy asked. "WAHOO! I graduated!"

Nancy ran onstage to get her diploma, and everyone applauded, even though she tripped over a microphone cord on her way up. Getting the diploma—and the party afterwards—made it the best day Nancy ever had at Waverly Academy.

"Well, that trip was worth it!" Nancy said to her father, once she had returned home. "I'm now an official Waverly Academy alumnus!"

"I'm very proud of you," Carson Drew said.

"Who would have thought I could graduate from a school, even though I was only there for three days?" Nancy asked. "And Waverly's a really prestigious New York school! This'll look great on my resume!"

"You might have a diploma, but I'm still expecting you to pass all your classes at River Heights High," Carson Drew reminded his daughter. "From what your teachers say, you still have plenty of unfinished makeup work to do."

"Darn," Nancy said.

The End


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The walls are pink, deal with it hahaha I would listen to that

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your awesome and thank you for completing this. that must of been a lot of work to complete. thanks again!!!

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your awesome and thank you for completing this. that must of been a lot of work to complete. thanks again!!!

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Good Show! Bravo, my friend!

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Paige Griffen WON??!! what an upset?

River Heights High? More like a River Depths LOW,cause she has to still graduate there!