Saturday, September 1, 2012

WWA, Chapter 67

Here's Chapter 67, of my story Weirdness at Waverly Academy. Today, Nancy catches the culprit and writes a book.


Corine Meyers had planned to escape through the hidden tunnel that connected Mel's room and the furnace room. It was a good plan, except for one small problem: Mel Corbalis.

"No," Mel said, blocking the doorway. "I'm not letting you out of here until I get some answers."

"Mel, you have to let me through," Corine said. "I need to get going."

"You just came into my room through the wall," Mel said. "I demand an explanation."

"Come on, Mel, it's too long of a story," Corine said. "Now let me past."

The two of them were still arguing, when Nancy Drew heroically stumbled into Mel's room, using the same passage Corine had taken.

"Don't let her escape, Mel," Nancy ordered.

"You, too?" Mel asked. "What is this?"

"For Corine, it's over," Nancy said. "I'm calling the Headmistress right now."

Nancy took out her cell phone and pressed the eight speed dial number. "Hello, Dumbledore?" Nancy said. "It's Nancy Drew. I just caught the Black Cat."

One Week Later...

Nancy was typing on her laptop.

Shortly afterwards, Corine was kicked out of Waverly Academy. From what I heard, her victims are expected to make a full recovery, and they'll be back at school by the time the next semester starts.

"Hey, Nance, whatcha doin'?" Ned Nickerson asked.

"Writing a book," Nancy said. "It's going to be about the mystery I solved last week. I call it Warnings at Waverly Academy."

"Catchy title," Ned said. "What made you decide to start writing a book, though?"

"I got an email from the big publishing company who got the rights to publish the collection of lost Edgar Allen Poe works I found," Nancy said. "They said they would love it if I wrote the story of how I found the lost literary masterpiece."

"Is that right?" Ned asked. "Maybe I can help you edit it."

Ned did help Nancy edit her book. Some of his comments were helpful ("Try to be more descriptive here") and some of his comments were not so helpful ("Instead of saying 'the detective called her boyfriend,' you should say, 'the detective called her incredibly handsome boyfriend.'")

After about a month, Nancy finished writing the book, and she sent it to the publishers. They had a number of editing suggestions to make, and the book was published the next year, under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene.

Nancy's book was a small success. It didn't make the top of the bestseller list, but it was still popular enough that she was asked to write another mystery book. She immediately said yes. If there's one thing Nancy Drew had in steady supply, it was plenty of good mystery stories.

The biggest surprise, in Nancy's opinion, was that some videogame company out in Washington got the rights to make her book into a computer game. But that's another story.


Christi said...

Yay! Loved it. And the last sentence was great too.

L said...

I loved reading this story!! It was really funny how you called out the things that didn't make sense or were just lucky (like the lampshade still being around for years). The ending was great, too. Are you going to write another Nancy Drew game-inspired story?

blueice said...

Wow awesome and that was funny when nancy called dumbledore fron harry potter also please,please make another nancy drew book from one of the games please you are am amazing writer

Anonymous said...

OMG best ending ever!:)

Annie said...

Great story it had a awesome ending.

Anonymous said...

LOLZ!!! I LOVE THIS!!! xD I would have never thought of this!! I think you should write more, you have a great talent of it :3