Thursday, September 27, 2012

Three Things

1. I mentioned earlier this week about overprotective museums that refuse to let visitors use flash photography.  I guess I can kind of understand that policy, if you believe that flash photography will cause paintings to suddenly erupt into flames or lose their colors.  But the Walt Disney Family Museum had no paintings at all.

Instead, the No Flash Photography Guards were protecting trophy cases.  How is flash photography harmful to trophies?

2. Speaking of, let's see a picture of the trophy case!  Have you ever seen so many Oscars at once?

[Picture goes here.]

[Edit: Turns out Mom brought the camera without any film in it.  Now nobody gets to see the picture of me with the Oscars.  Darn.]

3. Hey, it seems that The Spongebob Squarepants Movie 2 is set for 2014.  Woah!

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Anonymous said...

Eh, to be honest, I'm not that excited about a second Spongebob movie. Ever since Stephen Hillenburg left the show after the first movie was made, it has just been an awful show, nothing like it was in the beginning. I can't see the second movie being any better than its subpar television series.