Thursday, September 13, 2012

Three Things

1. The mayor of San Jose, Chuck Reed, is trying to help the city's budget crisis, by cutting the pension of police officers (and pretty much everyone else).  The police are not very happy about this, so the other day, a policeman pulled the mayor over and gave him a driving ticket for "not having his turn signal on long enough before turning".

I get the feeling that if Mr. Mayor doesn't work things out with the police officers union, there might be a lot of tickets in his future.

2. You know, I'd love it if there was a new Calvin and Hobbes book, or a new Far Side book.  Sure, those comic strips ended in the 90's, but a new book would sell like hotcakes.

I dunno.  If the retired cartoonists followed a leisurely pace of, say, drawing 20 cartoons per year and releasing a book every 5 years, I'd be okay with that.  There are some retired writers who have success with a super-relaxed publication schedule along those lines.  Why can't there be retired artists who follow a similar relaxed publication schedule?  "Something new every five years or so" seems like a feasible retirement plan.

3. Hey, we finally have a release date for Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright!  It's coming on November 29th!  Woo hoo!

(Nobody has said if/when they're doing an English translation, though.)


Anonymous said...

Not to mention a burst of details on Ace Attorney 5!!

Diana said...

I loved The Far Side. It was the first thing that I would look at in the paper every morning. It always made me smile.
The second thing that I would read was Mike Royko's column.
Both are gone but not forgotten.

Balin said...

Anon: I was going to post the same thing!!! (I won't spoil any details, though... let Michael break the news.)

Unknown said...