Thursday, September 6, 2012

Three Things

1. I recently read an article about the current doctor shortage in America.  Just for fun, I took the article and replaced the word "doctor" with "priest".  And it ended up being a perfectly reasonable article about the priest shortage, and why priests can't be replaced by non-priests, in the same way you don't want your doctor to be replaced by a non-doctor.  I found it interesting.

2. Earlier, I mentioned that they're making A Christmas Story 2.  The trailer has been recently released.  Brace yourselves.

3. I was browsing iTunes yesterday, and I found over five mustache apps, which let you draw mustaches on people's faces in pictures.  But there is only one beard app, which does the same thing for beards. Why does iTunes have such blatant facial hair unequality?


Anonymous said...

Because mustaches look much better on people? Don't worry, many famous people have beards. I do not intend to tell you who they are because I have to do something, and I think you know some famous people with beards (and look good with them, too).

Anonymous said...

Well, much like becoming a doctor, studying/working to become a priest takes way too much time, energy, and sacrifice for most people today to commit to. People who have the self discipline to become doctors and priests are just rare individuals, so there will always be a shortage of both.

Anonymous said...

In response to #1, I would trust a physician's assistant (PA) with run-of-the mill issues, like a general exam and common prescriptions. I would actually trust a PA more than someone who became a doctor just because it was a family tradition. (Think how the oldest son was given to the priesthood a few generations ago). I would want an MD for bigger issues. I'll end my comment here because I'm pretty sure my health care solution would be longer than your blog entry.

shaney said...

I think there is a shortage of doctors because medical school is unreasonably competitive! Otherwise, more people would become doctors.