Sunday, September 23, 2012

NHL Lockout

It looks like we won't have any hockey this year, because the NHL is having a lockout.  I don't quite understand the official reasons for the lockout, which have to do with a "collective bargaining agreement".  But I can understand the simple version of the story, which is that the team owners and team players can't agree on how to split up the money.

That's something which always bugged me about sports.  Everyone involved is a millionaire.  You'd think millionaires could afford to be less concerned about money than your average person.  But instead, the opposite seems to be true.

The last NHL lockout was 2003-2004, which was eight seasons ago.  This means the solution they came up with eight years ago was definitely not a long-term solution.  Maybe their next solution--if they are in fact working on one--will last longer.

Baseball and hockey are the only two sports I watch; baseball is spring and summer, while hockey is fall and winter, so they nicely fill out the whole year.  Now I guess my winter will be sportsless.


Anonymous said...

oh michael comsume yourself with nancy drew for the winter time and you will be set. jk, unless you want to spend your time playing and making speedruns that would make my winter time amazing. i would be watching my favorite video game and listening to my favorite person playing the game. :)

Emily said...

Millionaires can't give up their lavish lifestyle. It's sad. And pathetic, come to think of it.

Anonymous said...

There's always football which is what, fall and winter?