Monday, September 24, 2012

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill (Chapter 1)

So here's Chapter One of my fanfic, Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill. I'd like to have a better name for the story; if you have suggestions, let me know. Anyway, today is the introduction to the case.


Dear Dad,

You've probably been wondering why I haven't been at home for the past few weeks. It's because I went to visit Aunt Eloise in Florida! Sorry for not telling you about this before I left.

I'm writing because a student named Jake Rogers was murdered at the high school last night. Since I'm a great detective, an undercover police officer has asked me to figure out who did it. I don't want to jump to any conclusions at this point, but I'm pretty sure that the murderer is the culprit this time.

So it's undercover I go! I'm calling this case "Secrets Can Chill".

No, wait. That's kind of a dumb name. "Secrets Can Kill"? "Secrets Have Killed"? "Secrets, Which May Or May Not Result in Death And/Or Killing".

Eh, I'll figure out a better name later. Either way, I'm sure it'll be a killer case.



Anonymous said...

yay:) i love your readings...things that end in killing

Anonymous said...

Lolz and wow I wonder if nancy's dad thinks that that letter would be strange but good opening anyways

L said...

YAY! Your stories are great. Looking forward to new installments on this one!

jammingal141 said...

Oh my!! So excited to your writing again! LOVE it!

Britnie said...

1. High School Is Murder
2. Students Can Kill
3. Secrets Can Tell
4. Secrets Can (Still) Kill

Love your stories!

Stephan rose said...

Florida is a great place to chill!

Aaron M. Fugate said...
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Anonymous said...

How about "Paseo Del Murder"?

Amy M. said...

Ooh how about Murder At Paseo Del Mar High School?

Emy Gray said...

Totally off topic but u should make a Nancy Drew and Harry Potter crossover