Saturday, September 29, 2012

Melissa and Joey

Earlier this week, I mentioned that I watch Melissa & Joey, which is a sitcom made by, and starring, Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence.  It's a pretty good show, although some of the jokes are a bit too racy for my tastes.  I prefer G-rated sitcoms.

I started watching the show, mainly because of the two stars.  Melissa and Joey were child stars, who have been doing TV shows for decades now.  They're pretty much sitcom professionals at this point.  They can still come across as funny and entertaining, even if they phone it in and do a bad job of acting for one episode.

I wouldn't mind it if another pair of sitcom pros teamed up on a new show.  Tim Allen and Bob Saget would be my first choice; they can be a pair of wacky roommates.  How about Amanda Bynes with Jonathan Taylor Thomas?  Or a made-for-TV movie where the Olsen Twins double-date Shia LeBeouf and the kid from Home Alone?  There are plenty of old sitcom pros who I'm pretty sure could make something entertaining.

The other draw of Melissa & Joey, for my family at least, is the girl who plays the daughter.  She used to play Mia on Days of our Lives, from 2009 to 2010.  As I said then, she wasn't a good actress; she tended to do the same little pouty face in every scene.  Her acting skills have improved tenfold on Melissa & Joey, to the point where it took my family three episodes to recognize her as the same person.  So good for her!


Anonymous said...

I refuse to watch Melissa and Joey and give them ratings after what Melissa Hart said about Farrah Fawcett.

Nana Cupcake said...

EEEEE!! I have such a huge crush on Nick Robinson (Melissa's nephew Ryder) =w=

Paul said...

re: racy jokes, I'm continually shocked that this show airs on ABC Family. ( does, right? I usually only watch it online.) It WANTS to be a family sitcom, but it's definitely not something I could watch with my kids if I ever have any.

Anonymous said...

What did she say?

Anonymous said...

She was doing a People Magazine cover and said she hoped Farrah Fawcett didn't die and therefore push her off the cover.