Sunday, September 30, 2012

Harry Potter Stuff

During my road trip, I've caught up on all the episodes of Pottercast that I missed. They're apparently still making the Harry Potter podcast. They stopped making an episode every week, though; now it's more like once every other month, if they remember.

The biggest Harry Potter news since the series ended is the Pottermore website.  It's an interactive version of the books, or something like that.  It has a bunch of new information about the series, which seems interesting, but it also has a bunch of mandatory minigames, which seems not interesting in the slightest.  I'd rather skip all the artwork and games and things, and just go straight to the new information.

Oddly enough, it doesn't seem like anyone has made a website, which only contains the new information from Pottermore.  I say that's odd, because the Harry Potter fans usually have a quick turnaround with new information.  For example, whenever a DVD was released, you could expect to see all the deleted scenes uploaded to Youtube that day.

None of the deleted scenes were worth paying the extra money for.  And none of the DVDs had commentary.  Harry Potter DVDs, you are shameful.

Anyway, that's the Harry Potter news: there is no Harry Potter news.


Anonymous said...

So; do you have a Pottermore acount? And if you do, what house are you in?

Miriam said... <- That website has all of the Pottermore content, I believe. Plus, it helps you find things hidden in the actual site.

Nana Cupcake said...

Oooooohhhh!!! Michael; what state in the USA are you in now? :D

Diana said...

Did you already hit Disneyland?!

Anonymous said...

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