Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Epic Road Trip

I'm still in the middle of planning my epic US road trip.  My parents want to "review" my itinerary, which is code for "tell me where to go and what to do".  Uh oh!

At the moment, there are two big decisions up for debate.  Feel free to weigh in.

1. I need to get from Austin, Texas, to St. Louis, Missouri.  There are two feasible routes.  One is a three-day trip heading northeast; it'd take me from Austin to Dallas, to Little Rock, to St. Louis.  The other route is a five-day trip, heading east, then north; it'd take me to Houston, to New Orleans, to Jackson, to Memphis, to St. Louis.  It'd be really nice if I could shave two days off my trip by taking the shorter route.

2. Someone brought up the possibility of me doing the trip in reverse.  What do you think, should I travel the US clockwise or counter-clockwise?  The first major destination in one direction is Disneyland; the first major destination in the other is Seattle.


Anonymous said...

only cut it if you dont want to head in that direction or if you dont want to visit other places. head to places nancy might of been too except when she was out of the country. i know you went to d.c so you should go to arizona or something:))

Robyn said...

I grew up in Houston, so I'm partial to an itinerary that includes it. LOL I will say that you can do Austin to New Orleans in a day, after that I would skip Jackson, and go straight to Memphis, then to St Louis. That would make it a 3 days trip, without skipping NOLA and Memphis, two places I personally would never skip on an epic road trip. But I'm a huge music fangirl, and NOLA and Memphis are epic for that.

But, make your trip what *you* want to see, not what other people think you should see.

Anonymous said...

Nancy drew The deadly device official trailer just came out!

Diana said...

Definitely let me know when you're going to Disneyland ;) I'll show you how great So. Cal really is!